What Exactly Are The Cheaper Womens Shoes

There is a lot to be said when talking about cheaper womens shoes because there are a heap of pros and cons and depending on your view point, cheaper womens shoes could prove to be more harmful than the cost was good on your pocketbook. The reasons for this vary and include a lot of variables in order to figure out the equation properly. For example, it depends on weight, height and the purpose of purchasing the cheaper womens shoes because if you are getting a pair of shoes for work and you work as a nurse, you walk on cement floors for no less than twelve hours at a crack. In this case, cheaper womens shoes would not be advisable as they can cause severe damage to your legs and back. Mind you, hopefully if you were a nurse you would already know this and not even risk it.

The Pros Of Cheaper Womens Shoes

There are many pros of cheaper womens shoes however and that can be used appropriately without causing damage. Also if you are a light person and maybe don?t require the support that a heavier set person does so a pair of cheaper womens shoes would be acceptable. Many women buy them to do work in the garden or perform outside duties around the house such as lawn work and flowerbeds. These are very acceptable and who want to purchase a hundred dollar pair of shoes only to have them stained green by the lawn mower.

The Cons of Cheaper Womens Shoes

It is quite possible that the cons of cheaper womens shoes greatly outweigh that of the more expensive shoes and there aren?t many who would disagree with that statement. The reasons for this are that the cheaper womens shoes don?t have adequate support for any length of time and causes legs and hips to become not only very sore, but also very unsupported and this is not good for your bone structure. The cheaper womens shoes are also very poor and get a very low grade in arch support and if you are a person who suffers from pains in the arches, do not buy cheap shoes and always be sure you have a high support for that arch. Always keep your feet healthy first and foremost and take the utmost caution when selecting your shoes especially when standing on cement or walking long distances.


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