The RIGHT Way to Buy Women’s Shoes

Have you ever bought a pair of shoes during the day, find that they fit beautifully and feel great, and then, later that day, experience great discomfort. Most of us have probably attributed the pain to the high heel. More than likely, that is not the problem. More than likely, regardless of the height of the heel, the problem is that the shoes or boots have become too tight.

You are asking yourself, “How can my shoes be too tight? They didn’t shrink during the day.” That is a valid question and you are correct – the shoes did not shrink – but, our feet did grow.

Our feet swell over the course of the day. This is why those shoes or boots that you bought during the day feel really tight, uncomfortable or perhaps even unbearable during the evening.

How many times have you seen women take their high heels off during a prom, wedding, or any special occasion? How many times have you done it yourself? As a result, your nylons or panty hose are ruined (let’s hope they aren’t some designer brand hosiery), not to mention that getting your shoes back on can be quite a painful challenge.

I have seen it – as a matter of fact, I have fell victim to this many times. I only learned later in life what I was doing wrong.

This situation is most likely applicable to high-heeled dress shoes as they are generally not adjustable. There may be some strappy sandals that are adjustable at the ankle but, the ankle area is usually not the problem area. The problems lie more in the mid-foot, toe area. And if you are sporting a pair of dressy pumps, there is absolutely no room for adjustments.

This swelling problem is probably not as noticeable in running shoes or trainers. This is because sneakers and trainers are fully width adjustable with the use of shoelaces or Velcro.

There is one simple solution to this problem. Shop for and buy your shoes (especially non-adjustable shoes) during the evening. And if you are shopping for shoes online, you may want to adjust up by ? size or width based on your normal ‘daily’ shoe size. This will allow for the natural foot swelling to have taken place and the shoes will fit you more comfortably at all times instead of just during the day.

Just imagine…no more painful evenings out and no more ruined panty hose!


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