The Best in Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones

Most of us are familiar with Sony Ericsson mobile phones either from personal use or online information Sony Ericsson is a huge manufacturer of mobile phones and has a good bit of the UK market. While other manufacturers are looking to improve their camera phones, Sony Ericsson has an entire line of music phones. The “W” series (formerly the “K” series) has a variety of capabilities and most of the Walkman phones have storage capabilities of 500 full length songs or more with expansion memory cards available to add more memory.

One problem with the Walkman mobile phones is that in most of them the camera has poor to mediocre clarity. The emphasis is on the music rather than the phone with some customers questioning why they cannot have a high quality music and camera phone within the same mobile phone. It appears Sony Ericsson is forcing its customers to choose high quality music or a high quality camera instead of providing both in the same mobile phone.

In spite of its lack of marketability for a high quality camera and music phone, Sony Ericsson maintains a high position in the UK mobile phone market. Most customers make the choice between either the camera or the music and live with their decision. They become lackadaisical and accept they are not going to have both sharp pictures and great music quality on the same mobile phone.

On the other hand, Sony Ericsson has a good reputation for quality mobile phones in the areas for which they were intended. Sony Ericsson mobile phones provide service that is equal to models that are higher priced, so you are always getting more for your money when you buy a SonyEricsson mobile phone. You may remember when AT&T began giving the Ericsson phones away with its tariffs in the early part of the 21st century. They were the first flip phones that gained any momentum, but they were bulky little things that were difficult to read and even more difficult to operate. The merger with Sony created a new line of mobile phones that were easier to operate and came with a music player.

Many people tend to look at the Sony Ericsson mobile phones solely because of their music capabilities-using the phone is secondary to having good music when on the road or outside in the yard. Although the phones’ sound quality for telecommunications is equivalent to other manufacturers’, it would be a mistake to choose a mobile phone based on nothing more than belief in the name. You must look at the name and read reviews of others who have owned the mobile phone you wish to purchase.

Sony Ericsson has an abundance of mobile phones to fit anyone’s needs and desires. Whether you want a camera phone, a music phone or just a mobile phone in order to maintain communication with family and friends, Sony Ericsson has it for you at a price you can afford.


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