Sony Playstations – With Advanced Gaming Features

Electronic giant Sony after anticipation released the Playstation 3 in Japan on November 11. It is to be mentioned that the Playstation 2, the previous edition of Playstation 3 was the bestselling machine. It is a different story that the Playstation3 is equipped by a stupendously powerful chip, the “Cell processor.” Coming at the price of whopping $500 or $600 bucks, very much depending on which version an user buy, plus $60 for each game. Fans of the Sony Playstations are making beeline to buy the gadgets.

It has been seen people are really excited about its Resistance: Fall of Man, which is a truly fun set in an alternative edition of the 1950s. In the game aliens invade earth; the excited part of the game is that your job is to put bullets in them. While the game is on, players of the game will see some gloriously detailed, beautifully gloomy factories and labs and shattered cityscapes. Not to mention the audio is gorgeous, the weapons real and lethal. The levels are huge and complex.

There is lot of many games in the gadget. At this time prices of the games are much higher, and people residing in many parts of the world can’t afford to have this hot potato. Give it time. Yes, give it time. Unless the prices of the Sony playstation come down. According to the business cycle, which obviously applies to each and every business entities – the price will probably come down. Market pundits are apprehensive of the fact that the Sony will come out with more, and more advanced gaming features.

It is worth to mention that the initial systems of Sony Playstations were obtained by hot-shot businessmen who paid mainly Chinese nationals to buy the playstations without any software to resell on eBay. According to Media Create, its opening show 81,639 PS3 systems were sold within twenty four hours of its introduction in Japan.


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