Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones – Any Good?

Sony Ericsson mobile phones are very much at the cutting edge of mobile phone technology with their vast range of features and styles to suit every need, be it for pleasure or business. Let’s take a quick look at them.

These phones are designed to give you a unique mobile experience with innumerable options and are extremely stylish whilst for the most part, feature rich. They are always known for their music quality and performance. The W850i Walkman for example, though it is not a most recent release, is truly superb with it’s sheer ease of use particularly when downloading music itself. If you want loads of songs and other favourites on this phone you can expand it’s memory no problem.

Sony Ericsson phones are known for their excellent performance and it seems that they are always getting better and better. A friend of mine normally uses Nokia phones because they are so easy to use, but on discovery of the Ericsson phones, he is finding that they are just as easy to use, if not easier.

Apparently, owners of Sony Ericsson phones are more than twice as likely to download a mobile game to their phone compared with other handset owners. I don’t know how true that is but these phones certainly make it extremely easy to download games or music for that matter. And don’t forget that with the installation software that comes free with the phones, music can easily be uploaded and played instantly without any fuss or bother.

Sony Ericsson phones are complete power tools for the business as well as the pleasure user with features galore like the music player, radio, camera, video, MMS, instant messaging and Bluetooth to name but a few. They are truly excellent mobiles offering you a lot more than simply communication.


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