Must Have Women’s Shoes

If you ask fashion experts, there are ultimately around ten types of shoes that a woman’s closet should not be without. Yes, ten. So if you are still counting in your head how many kinds of shoes you have in your wardrobe, here is a little list to help you out.

First up are the classic black low heeled pumps. It has been well established by experts in the fashion world that every woman should have at least one dependable black dress. And to make that black dress outfit work, she should also possess the timeless black pumps. The plus side to these pumps is that they do not only look good with your little black dress but you can also mix them up with other outfits. These shoes are titled a safe choice by the fashion police as they have eclectic uses. You can wear them casually to a dinner date; wear them to a business meeting and still look like you are in control and are ready for a serious industry talk; or wear them to a funeral. If your black heeled pumps should not look too well with your chosen ensemble, you can always go with the next item: the neutral pumps.

When you want to go for a more dressy and sophisticated look, then your best bet is still black but with more height, and that means high heeled black shoes. You may go for open toed ones if you dare to go sexier. Speaking of high heels, the next item on the list is a high heeled dress shoe preferably with a metallic finish. Go for gold or silver, although the latter is much preferred by most people. Best worn during a night party, these pair will surely place you in the center of attention when its silver lining reflects light. Talk about making you a star of the night.

On a cold, frosty season you may want to go with boots that hug you up to your knees. Aside from showing off your great style, these boots can make your feet warm all over. Casual booties, another item on the list, are chic fashion finds that you can wear with a skirt or jeans as well.

Let us veer away from high heels now and go for the flats. First stop on flat shoes are your semi casual flat shoes. As high heels can be quite painful sometimes, you can give your feet a rest with these flats. They go well with jeans and give you a casual relaxed look, as relaxed as your happy feet will feel. You have to have shoes that you can use every day, without feeling guilty or worrying if they will get ruined and then you won’t get the chance to wear them in a particular family occasion anymore. The choice of your every day shoes are up to you. Go for what you feel is comfortable. For that sporadic walk in the park, you will need a good pair of sneakers and for absolute comfort at home the basic slippers should not be absent. Spa styled slippers provides the most soothing and cozy feel.


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