Music With Sony Ericsson C902

The Sony Ericsson C902 is one of the latest edition mobile phone that comes packed with all possible music features that can satisfy any music lover immensely. This is no more a general music player that is inserted in the phone.

It is enhanced with many interesting options and modes that are capable enough to intensify your music listening experience. So if you are a music maniac and really looking forward to a handset that will quench your thirst for music then this is the right handset to grab without any hesitation.

There is an integrated media player in this phone which is capable of playing music in diverse formats. The mega bass is an interesting feature that enables you to boost the bass frequencies as well as adds a lot of body to the music you play through the media player.

There is a Bluetooth stereo feature and an album art option which aids in listening to music in an organized manner with full satisfaction. This is even easier to make the favorite songs your ring tones apart from the preloaded MP3 and AAC music tones. In fact you can record the songs and music of various artists and set them as your ring tone.

Then you have got a play now button in this phone which allows you top download the music you like. This can be songs, symphonies or other forms of music. The track id is another added feature of the Sony Ericsson C902 phone.

Whenever you get to hear one of your favorite songs you are free to start recording it. The best part is that all information about the artist as well as the track is automatically sent to your handset within just few seconds. This is absolutely unique and is available with this particular phone only.


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